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Using Social networks and mobile devices for public risk reduction

Several months ago there was a very small earthquake nearby. We barely felt the building move, so just to verify that it wasn’t my imagination playing tricks on me, I logged into Facebook and pretty soon found out that some of my geographically close friends felt it as well. It took several more minutes for the news to propagate to the public media.

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Analysis of financial data as part of crime for profit investigation

As part of the implementation of the FATF guidelines for a local AML (anti money laundry) law, we were involved in the development of  countrywide financial data analysis system. It was a learning experience that we would like to share.

Most investigations that deal with crime for profit require that some analysis will be made regarding the economic data that was gathered in the case. Such data can include credit card transactions when dealing with CC fraud, Bank transactions when dealing with money laundering and even transactions in property such as vehicles and real-estate when trying to account for hidden assets as part of a layering scheme.

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The case of Evidence-based Policing

Production function is a function that model the output of a firm or an industry as a function of the resources needed for that output.

In police work the resources can be police officers, cars, communication devices and so on. All with cost tags attached,  just like in any profit driven firm. However the output of security agencies is multifaceted and the services are supplied to the public with no cost, so there is a real problem of finding the optimal allocation of resources.

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