Some LTL (Less Then Lethal) experience and Perceived vs. Actual risk

As modern wars are becoming less total, because of the greater efficiency of weapons, the reduction in weapon systems price, and the power of media exposure; We see that military and policing tactics are starting to get closer.

While police tactics are mainly concerned with risk minimization, public safety and order control, military tactics were traditionally targeting maximal impact for the enemy while maintaining acceptable risk level for the friendly forces.

Current conflicts are multidimensional and involve media, civil population, cyber control and sometimes a

sci-fi is now.

poor kid with an improvised explosive device (IED), so there are military effort to produce technologies that reduce the impact on the enemy – Namely police technologies.

The problem with driving those technologies through the military development funnel is that the what the armed forces are only now trying to learn, has been the bread and butter of every law enforcement agency for decades.
The system was deployed in Afghanistan only to be rejected because of media exposure of the demonic AmericaA great example for this is the Active Denial Pain Ray System developed for the Pentagon for over 15 years or so and yet has never been accepted into the service. The technology is based on projecting high frequency electromagnetic radiation that converts to heat on the topical layer of the skin and thus produce a burning sensation that can deter a potential hazard.

ns using invisible rays to sterilize the Afghan men.

We were involved once in the development effort of a UWB (Ultra Wide Band) device for a law enforcement agency, and one of the prime effort was to reduce the perceived risk for the public. Perceived risk, unlike real risk is subjective and can and should be controlled by the tactics. For example, providing public medical testing of the non hazardous use of the system especially for eyes and genital areas, using it statically so that only entering a marked zone will trigger it (providing an effect like a virtual cattle fence) etc.
Now it seems that Raytheon, the company behind the technology is trying to downsize it to rifle size. I’m sure the technology will be better, but will they be able to use it?

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