Our products were developed after assessing the standard needs of investigative effort so as to reduce the amount of customization at the client side.


…     Crime analysis module – used to deal with the most general type of investigation

…      THE NEED: Going from reported crime event, reducing data sets up to final suspect list for interrogation.

    • Reported murder event in a car where there are several forensic evidences.
    • Collect CDRs from crime scene filtered by time and place.
    • Reduce all calls but those active near the crime event.
    • Reduce all handsets that are owned by residents of the area.
    • Mark all active handsets in the vicinity that were related to people with criminal records or are prepaid.
    • Check all cars that were stolen and fit the description of the murder car.
    • Locate all cars that were reported burning near the timeframe of the event.
    • For the located cars, check CDRs taken from the area of the burning.
    • Pinpoint a phone number that was used in the fire and called one the other numbers before the murder.
  • Summon phone owner for interrogation.

Financial investigation – Module. Used to solve financial and crime for profit investigations using digital data collected from financial institutes.


…      THE NEED : Ability to acquire, normalize, and get insight from financial activity of suspects data while getting automatic alert’s on money laundering / terror finance  activity.

  • Collecting financial data files via court orders.
  • Normalizing and ETLing the heterogeneous data into a single repository.
  • Give users a simple ability to get insight’s on the data (amount’s paid, by whom, dates, connections between accounts)
  • Analyzing the data by the type of the  financial action.
  • Allow the user to navigate freely over all the collected data.
  • Use built-in analytics for for smurfing recognition, concealment of payments, circles of monetary transfers, equity transfer via 3’rd party ,etc.
  • Users are able to match financial activity timeline to criminal events.
  • Summarizing activity per client, group of accounts or period of time, etc.
  • Users get automatic graphical “cockpit” of patterns and basic queries.
  • Comparison of accounting activity or with actual money transfers.


CDR based investigation – Telephony module used for general CDR analysis


  • THE NEED : Follow and analyze phone usage during crime investigation
    • Collect CDR and position data from phone operators.
    • Integrate data with GIS data
    • Lookup phones used in the polygon during timeframe of crime.
    • If used number is not used any longer, concatenate last digit and lookup at bulk ownership of phones.
    • Phone was part of a batch that was bought by a company.
    • Take the list of company phone users, input into the module and lookup gun license availability.
  • Bingo.


Speed enforcement – Module used for enhancing the efficiency of traffic ticketing.


…      THE NEED : Analyze speeding tickets for more efficient enforcing.

  • Load GIS road data, speeding tickets DB, and accidents.
  • Explore red roads for patterns in time and place.
  • Establish optimal parameters for enforcing speed via linear programming.
  • Drill down in tickets DB to find recidivists for reducing median.

Establish mitigation strategy organization wide