Crime Analysis Module

…     Crime analysis module – used to deal with the most general type of investigation

…      THE NEED : Going from reported crime event, reducing data sets up to final suspect list for interrogation.

    • Reported murder event in a car where there are several forensic evidences.
    • Collect CDRs from crime scene filtered by time and place.
    • Reduce all calls but those active near the crime event.
    • Reduce all handsets that are owned by residents of the area.
    • Mark all active handsets in the vicinity that were related to people with criminal records or are prepaid.
    • Check all cars that were stolen and fit the description of the murder car.
    • Locate all cars that were reported burning near the timeframe of the event.
    • For the located cars, check CDRs taken from the area of the burning.
    • Pinpoint a phone number that was used in the fire and called one the other numbers before the murder.
  • Summon phone owner for interrogation.