financial investigation

Financial investigation – Module. Used to solve financial and crime for

profit investigations using digital data collected from financial institutes.

…      THE NEED: Ability to acquire, normalize, and get insight from financial activity of suspects data while getting automatic alert’s on money laundering / terror finance  activity.

  • Collecting financial data files via court orders.
  • Normalizing and ETLing the heterogeneous data into a single repository.
  • Give users a simple ability to get insight’s on the data (amount’s paid, by whom, dates, connections between accounts)
  • Analyzing the data by the type of the  financial action.
  • Allow the user to navigate freely over all the collected data.
  • Use built-in analytics for for smurfing recognition, concealment of payments, circles of monetary transfers, equity transfer via 3’rd party ,etc.
  • Users are able to match financial activity timeline to criminal events.
  • Summarizing activity per client, group of accounts or period of time, etc.
  • Users get automatic graphical “cockpit” of patterns and basic queries.

Comparison of accounting activity or with actual money transf