E-discovery Lab

We provide E-discovery services in three forms:

E-discovery process & project management consulting, when building this technology into a government organization or regulatory agency.

Hosted E-discovery services for litigation offices – Supporting larger cases where extensive digital evidences need to be processed.

Hosted E-discovery for large firms – In highly regulated industries where an ongoing effort can and will reduce litigation costs.


E-discovery is a legal term that is describing the process of acquisition, search and presentation of digital evidence. Today most data is gathered and stored digitally so the importance of this field is growing rapidly.

The challenge here is finding the right information in the mountains of data that are stored within organizational servers and computers.

E-discovery usage is the key for cost efficient success in a variety of cases from plain divorce files to huge international litigations like the BP litigation.

An example for the applying this process successfully is the case where a manager of a diamond company inHong Kongwas embezzling and the investigators were able to locate several suspicious transactions but were not able to pin the transactions to the suspect. Using E-discovery, all email correspondence was analyzed, and several messages were located in the vicinity of the transactions dates, that implied that the suspect had asked several company clients to transfer funds to her personal account.

Setup time for this activity was accomplished in a matter of hours and there was no other possibility to achieve that task within the timeframe and the human resources scheduled for the investigative effort.