A short one on measuring police activity.

Waze social GPS will be acquired since it has explored some innovation in promoting driver data contribution like accidents reporting, traffic and even getting together to a certain position on the map.

The fact that so much data is gathered outside the usual data stores of the Police department can bring some interesting insights on the law enforcement activities – Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) published a paper in which they used Waze data to investigate the police activities and effectiveness in enforcing traffic rules.

Using Waze data and Google Earth, the BGU researchers determined that 75% of the locations in Israel with the highest number of accidents were intersections… Interestingly the Israeli Police just finished a national project of putting hundreds of speed cameras at various roads (not junctions).

Another piquant details is that there is some data that points to that fact that speed cameras under certain conditions increase the probability of accident due to the increase variance in speed when drivers reduce speed near the camera and accelerate after moving from its field of view.

Evidence based policing or avoiding based policing?

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